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It’s the year 3048HE.

After the collapse of the 3D universe in 2615HE, a small cadre of humanity now travels through vague structural representations of the known physical universe in search of a home.

It is up to you, dear TRVLR, to navigate the generative landscape of 2D chaos and lead your people into new and uncharted atmospheres by logging light years (LY) to save what’s left of humanity.

We wish you luck.

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Designed by Daniel Hodge and built by his younger brother, Micah Hodge, TRVLR is a stimulating minimalist journey through several vivid, 2D atmospheres that are intended to engage the player with "stern but fair" challenges.

It is the first in a series of games and apps that we are designing and creating to provide well-designed, aesthetically pleasing, and incredibly fun games to play for anyone of any age or background.